Content and Themes

1- Sufi Thought and Foundations in Edirne and in the Neighbouring Districts

-          Sufi Foundations, Figures and Works in Ottoman Period

-          Qabūlī Muṣṭafa Efendi, Suleyman Dhātī Efendi of Keşan, Musallam Efendi, ‛Ali Sanāī Efendi, Shāhī Efendi, Mehmed Sham‛i Efendi, Ahmed Fakhrī Efendi, Mehmed Fawzī Efendi, etc.

-          Sufi Thought in Popular Culture (The Reflections of Sufi Thought on Popular Culture)

2- Khalwatiyya-Ghulshaniyya and Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī

3- Khalwatīs and Their Works

4- Ghulshanīs and Their Works

5- Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī- His Life, Views and Works

6- Sufi Thought in the Balkans

-          Sufi Foundations, Figures, Vies of Taṣawwuf, Works

-          Khalwatiyya, Bektāshiyya, Qādiriyya, Naqshbandiyya, etc.

7- Sufi Thought and the Modern World

8- Sufi Thought and the Other Islamic Sciences

9- The Response of Sufi Thought and Lifestyle for the Dilemmas posed by Modernity

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