Aim and Scope

Sufi Thought and Life in Edirne

(Edirne and the Other Cities Nearby, Sufi Foundations, Figures, Works)

Khalwatiyya-Ghulshaniyya and Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī

Sufi Thought and Life in the Balkans

(Foundations, Figures, Works)




Edirne, which served as the capital of Ottoman Empire before Istanbul, pursues its historical mission not only in view of its military and political status but also as a leading representative of the stunning vision unto which the centuries-old scholarly and gnostic perspective is reflected in all aspects of daily life from the architecture to the music. Edirne is a city that functions as a bridge between the Balkans and Anatolia, and it fostered the spiritual and scholarly improvement of many scholars, sages and artists. Thus, Edirne has proudly carried out its historical mission adequately. Keeping in mind that any step to be taken for the protection and sustaining the wisdom and gnosis-based stances is of great value, Trakya University Faculty of Theology proudly announces the “International Sufi Life in Edirne and Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī Symposium” to remember the spiritual luminaries lived in Edirne as well as in the neighbouring districts and to convey their views to the next generations in collaboration with Trakya University and ISAV.





Sufi Thought and Foundations in Edirne and in the Neighbouring Districts

-          Sufi Foundations, Figures and Works in Ottoman Period

-          Qabūlī Muṣṭafa Efendi, Suleyman Dhātī Efendi of Keşan, Musallam Efendi, ‛Ali Sanāī Efendi, Shāhī Efendi, Mehmed Sham‛i Efendi, Ahmed Fakhrī Efendi, Mehmed Fawzī Efendi, etc.

-          Sufi Thought in Popular Culture (The Reflections of Sufi Thought on Popular Culture)

Khalwatiyya-Ghulshaniyya and Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī

Khalwatīs and Their Works

Ghulshanīs and Their Works

Ḥasan Sezāʾī-i Gulshanī- His Life, Views and Works

Sufi Thought in the Balkans

-          Sufi Foundations, Figures, Vies of Taṣawwuf, Works

-          Khalwatiyya, Bektāshiyya, Qādiriyya, Naqshbandiyya, etc.

Sufi Thought and the Modern World

Sufi Thought and the Other Islamic Sciences

The Response of Sufi Thought and Lifestyle for the Dilemmas posed by Modernity

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